What I Want For My Birthday.

Well..its that time of year again. In about 2 weeks, i will be 38 years old. And thanks to Facebook and Causes.com, I’m able to celebrate it by raising money for a special purpose. This is a very long story you may or may not know but please read cause what I’m about to write means a lot to me.

When i was about 17 or so, i came back from a long weekend with a lump and pain under my arm. The pain went away but the lump did not so with doctor’s consultation, it was determined i have a biopsy to see what was going on. The general consensus was that it was going to say i had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. i would be “fine” but most likely have to go through treatment. So there is the teaser..but this story is not really all about me. As it turns out, the biopsy proved that the lump was benign and i was ok..and still am. The story here is during that time, i went through numerous blood tests in and out of hospitals. One visit there is and will forever be vividly imprinted in my mind. There was a little boy, who couldn’t have been more then 2-3 yrs old going through the same battery of tests as me. And although he took it like a champ, he was crying, scared, and in obvious pain as his parents looked on, feeling the exact same pain. The impact on me was immeasurable. It affected me deeply and swore i would try to do anything i can to try to help kids in any way i could. I was too stupid and not school oriented enough to become a doctor, but knew i could do other things with my time to help.

Unfortunately, college, immaturity and laziness delayed my ambition for a while. That and a brief foray into porn, drugs and a failed attempt at a music career (Editor’s Note: That didn’t happen, Marc is describing Boogie Nights which he watched last night)

And i hated myself for that..and eventually, finally, did something about it. Donating money and ESPECIALLY volunteering my time has been the most rewarding experience i could ever imagine. And hopefully in some small way, gave some help, laughs and comfort to those I’ve come in contact with. To be honest, though..i always wish i can do MORE. Im sure it is frustrating to many, as it is to me, you donate time and money and while it absolutely is necessary and helpful, no matter what we do..people, kids..seem to be affected by cancer and these diseases year after year. Ive seen a lot of greatness and strides in the fight but still..too much sadness as well. We all need to know that there is some hope.

Perhaps it is why i was and still am drawn to Sophia’s Cure Foundation. I will continue to try to help kids with cancer and always will, but the work that Catherine and Vincent have done with Sophia and her foundation to combat Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is truly AMAZING. To see how far they’ve come, how far the adorable Sophia has come…and how far they are going to GO is the most inspiring initiative i think I’ve ever seen. Their dedication to Sophia alone is incredible but what they’ve done to fight towards a cure is above and beyond.

Enough money has been raised to fund the first trials of the gene therapy that is being done to combat this disease. And this isn’t a shot in the dark. As I’ve stated before..SMA has been noted as the #1 neurological disease closest to a cure by the National Health Institute. They are soooo close but the disease and its fight is STILL under the radar. They need money and exposure to put this drive over the top and use this rolling momentum to FIND A CURE AND END THIS DISEASE!!

I don’t say that lightly..that helplessness i alluded to earlier…Here is our chance to see RESULTS!! An actual CURE in our lifetimes to a disease affecting THOUSANDS of children! Can you think of a better birthday wish? Cant you just imagine what that day would be like when they find it? And to know you played some sort of role in it?

So look..that is my long winded pitch to say please donate to my birthday wish to go towards Sophia’s Cure Foundation. You guys are AWESOME. Amazing!! We raised 750 dollars last year and this year i want to break $1000!!!! Even if you can’t donate, please read up on SMA at sophiascure.org and learn about it. Or volunteer for a cause YOU are passionate about. Thats all i ever wanted.

Lastly..to show I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Im going to donate 1/4 of the final tally MYSELF of whatever you guys donate. So..if you all hit 1000 bucks..ill donate 250 bucks etc. So..more you donate..the poorer i get…so have at it you wonderfully, vindictive SOB’s!!!!

Please go here to donate or see my FB page

Thanks for listening and thanks for everything. 🙂