Eulogy For My Dad.

Writing this eulogy was the hardest and easiest thing ive ever had to do. Easy because there are so many things to draw on but incredibly hard because of the overwhelming emotion of the moment. Also how do you sum up a lifetime of how much a person that you admire so much, means to you in just a short speech?

So ill say this. I could tell you about how he was there at almost every event that my sister and I participated in. Whether it be sports, recitals, plays, parties or anything we were involved in, my dad was always there as our biggest fan. It didn’t matter what was going on at his job or in his life, he lived for and focused on one main goal: To see his kids succeed and flourish and be happy

And as awesome as that was, it was probably when the exact opposite happened that made him such an incredible father and the person that he was. My dad always believed, and I adopted this wholeheartedly, is that you see the true character of a person when things are at their worst. No one exemplified that kind of strong character in those times more then my dad. His greatest gift to me and to Deb, was when we had those moments in your life, when you might think the sky was falling and you were reticent to deal with your problems. He had this innate ability to calm your fears, make you realize that things weren’t so bad so you could just face the day. “Whats the worst that can happen?” he would say and you would say “I might strike out to lose the game” (Never happened..i was amazing but still…) “And??” he would say “There’s always gonna be another game, Marc” And that might sound like a cliche but its because the core behind his attitude was just as simple as that. “No matter what move on to the next day. You’re going to be ok.”

I think this is what drew so many people to him from all walks of life. He always made sure that OTHERS were in a good place or taken care of before he was. A simple gift of making sure the people in the room were now happier and better off from the time he walked in to the time he left. Ive gotten countless tributes from countless friends touching on several times and moments he did something for them in their lives. Even if it wasn’t a specific thing, just these positive feelings they carry about him. I don’t think its just because of what’s happened, I feel it’s a genuine respect for my dad, who was someone who spent their life trying to make an impact on people..without even really trying.

I know this is a sad day for everyone here. Its inevitable when you lose someone close. However Ill repeat the feeling I had just a short 2 weeks ago when I spoke for my 40th bday and it still stands true today. My sadness is dwarfed by a feeling of being extremely lucky. Lucky to have gotten this long and these many memories with a father of this magnitude.

Here’s what else I believe and this goes for everyone. This life is not about the final day..the final moment…its about ALL the days..and all the moments you had..and that they all live with you. Forever. And we had too many amazing ones to count to be eclipsed by this.

Im not overly religious and I cant speak definitively about what happens “next” but what I do know for a bonafide fact is that my dad will always live on in US..his family. He will live on in his grandkids. And I mean that LITERALLY. I hear it in my voice when i speak, I know it in my heart and ive seen it in Jake and Jesse, with my own eyes. In that regard, I also hope that some of those feelings you have for him have in some way become part of who you all are….and I think that’s true because I know from experience, how much greatness is sitting out there today in both you and your families.  Its in abundance and I hope my dad played some small role in contributing to that.

Lastly, I was toying with ending this eulogy with a slightly dirty joke that was my dad’s favorite but in the end I didn’t think was appropriate for this venue. However..the point being is, I know this for a fact, as well. My dad’s wish, would be for you to eventually dry your eyes and laugh as often as you can, no matter the situation. To just BE happy. And I intend too. Thanks Dad.